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There are a wide variety of clubs at Southington High School. Every student should belong to at least one. Colleges and future employers look favorably on individuals who go above and beyond the basic curriculum high school requires. Club members who contribute their time and effort in core activities will be eligible for leadership opportunities. Students who rise to these leadership positions are able to 'spice' up their resume' for future job applications, college, tech, and trade school admission forms.

Clubs allow students to relax with activities that are central to their interests and meet others who share those interests. So, what's your pleasure? Write for the school newspaper? Take pictures for the Yearbook? Perform Community Service? Prepare a French feast or learn to dance a Mamba? Debate current world events? Learn how to protect yourself? Take a step onstage or behind the scenes? It's all here at SHS if you look. Check the club of your interest, the advisor's name, meeting times and places and SHOW UP! Most clubs can be joined at any time during the year.

Clubs and Activities listing at SHS