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SHS Celebrations

Make My Day - April 2024


LAUREN C. – ENGLISH (nominated by Ms. Bolduc)

“Lauren has a diligent work ethic and positive attitude towards learning. I would also like to note her willingness to support other students on her own accord during the writing process. Lauren not only produced her own highly effective essay, but also supported other students in doing so.”


NADIA D. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Ms. Kavanaugh)

“Nadia started the year as a silent student who was new to the Accelerated level.  She was quiet and was inconstant in her understanding and was not confident enough to contribute verbally in class.  This semester she has improved SIGNIFICANTLY throughout the year.  She has earned all A’s on her most recent assessments, she has become a leader vocally in a very quiet class, and has become a leader within her group.  She works well with everyone in the class and has become confident in her abilities.  Her growth is truly something to be proud of.”



“Kendall is positive and enthusiastic each day. She has shown a great interest in health education, specifically the mental health of students. She is engaged in the work and provides valuable insight and knowledge to our class.”


ANNELISE G. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mr. Curtiss)

“Annelise embodies the qualities of an active citizen. She takes an interest in world events and thinks critically about what she observes. Annelise demonstrates compassion and respect for her classmates through small acts of kindness. Her coursework is exemplary because she makes personal connections to the material presented in class.”


TESS G. – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mrs. Osborn)

“Tess always offers great ideas and responses in group discussions in Family & Society. Her assignments are always high quality and submitted on time. She is an asset to the class.”


JORIAN M. – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Spagna)

“I have had the pleasure of having Jorian in my Wood Manufacturing class this year. Since the beginning of the year, Jorian has been an active participant for all of our projects, and he has become someone I know I can count on to assist his classmates when I am elsewhere in the wood shop. He has completed/assisted with a number of amazing, high-quality projects so far this year, including several pens, a miniature TechDeck skate park, and most recently he has begun work on the body of an electric guitar. When he initially asked about the feasibility of a guitar, I was skeptical, due to its complex shape. Jorian came up with a design and a plan of attack for the project, and I am absolutely amazed at the progress he has made on it. He has been a textbook example of someone who is not afraid to try something new, someone who is not afraid to make mistakes, and someone who is willing to push the boundaries of the tools and machines available. Keep up the fantastic work!”


ANDREW P. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Jayne)

“Andrew is a hard worker and goes the extra mile on his assignments. He is also always willing to help his peers and actively participates in class by asking questions.”


JOSHUA P. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mrs. Tavera Collins & Mr. Torrisi)

“Josh is a positive and helpful member of our Italian community. From being an ideal student in class who works well with everyone, to a committed member of Italian club and a wonderful traveler when we went to Italy- we are so grateful to have him in our community!”


TOBI R. – SCIENCE (nominated by Ms. Handy)

“Tobi is excellent at merging their creativity with the analytical aspects of their Astronomy class. While quiet overall, their personality shines through and their interest in the subject

helps them guide both themself and their peers to success. They are always a bright spot in my room!”


EMMA S. – ART (nominated by Ms. Angiletta)

“Emma is an absolute pleasure to have in Art II class. She is always one of the first people to participate in a class activity and/or answer questions.  Emma consistently communicates with her peers regarding art techniques and methods. She always has a smile on her face and takes great pride in her work!”



“Alexis has done a great job on our FFA officer team. She was also a teacher assistant in the fall time and did a fantastic job. When her time was up, she still wanted to help so she comes down on her free time. She has really connected with the students in that class and is planning on pursuing a career in education.”