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To help students develop according to their individual needs and potential, students can select courses of differing levels according to the following guidelines:

  • CP Level (College prep) - This level focuses on modeling and guided practice which helps students progress as independent learners. The pace of this class provides students with a strong foundation of college level learning.
  • CCP Level (Competitive College Prep) - This level focuses on individual and collaborative learning experiences. The pace of these courses prepares students for college level learning.
  • H/AP Level (Honors or Advanced Placement) - This instructional level balances individual inquiry and collaborative analysis. Rigorous coursework frequently extends beyond a typical high school curricula. Advanced Placement courses may also qualify the student for college credit.

We highly recommend that students challenge themselves, while also keeping in mind interest level and personal schedule. Available courses are as follows:

Grade 9 - Civics (CP, CCP, Honors)

Grade 10 - World History (CP, CCP, Honors)

Grade 11 - US History post Civil War era -present (CP, CCP, AP)

Grade 11 and 12 students may also choose to select any of the following of our extensive elective choices, which are designed to challenge, enlighten and help students to focus their interests.

American Culture (CCP)

International Relations (CCP)

Introduction to Psychology (CCP & AP)

Middle East (CCP)

Modern China and Japan (CCP)

Sociology (CCP)

Politics and Government (CCP, AP)

Human Rights (CCP)

Human Geography (AP)

World Religions (CCP)

Current Issues (CCP)

America at War (CCP)

Some of these courses need teacher recommendations and contain prerequisites. Students should consult their Course of Studies for more information.