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Health & Physical Education


Tony Loomis, Department Leader

(860) 628-3229 ext. 11422

Vision Statement: What we do…

SHS graduates are committed to the pursuit of healthy and active skills to achieve lifelong physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellness. 

Mission Statement: How we do it…

The SHS HPE Department will engage all students in meaningful experiences to promote the development of health enhancing behaviors through a challenging yet safe learning environment which emphasizes the importance of relationships and inspires students to seek lifelong wellness. 

Belief Statement: Why we do it…

  • Health & physical education are vital components of one’s educational experience

  • Health & physical education skills transfer to many aspects of life

  • Movement & activity is for everyone

  • Healthy living improves your quality of life

  • Exercise is just as much for the brain as it is the body

  • Being confident in your abilities as a mover now, greatly increases the likelihood you will be active later in life 

  • Wellness is a lifelong pursuit, not a one time goal

Health & Physical Education Course Road Map


Department Faculty

Nicole Campochiaro Scott Ottochian
Ron Chase Ryan Raponey
Rob Levesque Lindsey Witte
Tony Loomis Megan Wittneben
James McAloon Dave Yanosy
Colleen Murphy