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Dance Dress Code Policy

The purpose of the dress code for dances is to promote an appropriate, safe and comfortable event for ALL students and staff.

Southington High School dance dress code policy is:

  • Clothing should not contain any offensive language, messages, or illustrations as outlined in the SHS student handbook for school dress code
  • Footwear needs to be on at all times during the dance. If you think your shoes will become uncomfortable during the dance, bring flip flops or other shoes
  • Dresses and shorts should be of a length not to rise above the fingertips including while dancing
  • Undergarments (bra straps, bandeaus, boxers, etc.) should not be visible. Boy’s pants need to stay about their waist
  • Midriffs should be covered by non-transparent/opaque material
  • No tube tops
  • Shirts need to be on for the entire event


In addition to all of the above, the following criteria will be used for formal and semiā€formal dresses and gowns:

  • Thin straps or strapless dresses are allowed
  • Dress hem lengths and dress slits may not rise above fingertips including when dancing
  • Dress may not be extremely low cut in the front or back. The front of the dress must not fall below the bra line; the back of the dress must not fall below the waist
  • Cutouts are restricted to the back of the dress ONLY and should not expose the side or midriff

**If you have any question regarding the appropriateness of the dress prior to purchasing it, please see your class advisors.